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There are many different reasons to install a fence on Mountain View, CA properties. Sometimes there’s the matter of real estate boundaries, sometimes homeowners wish for more privacy, and other times it’s a simple as adding custom aesthetics to a home. In any case, searching through the different builds and materials to find the perfect Mountain View fence for you can often feel overwhelming but with a little know-how and professional advice you’re sure to find the fencing that is best for home.

When looking into marking your property lines, picket seems to work better for suburban homes, chain link for urban residencies, and ranch style fences work best for rural estate lines. In terms of having some peace and quiet, nothing beats a solid wooden or vinyl privacy fence. Some models are even known to be able to cut down on decibel levels from your neighbor’s noise. And lastly, for curb appeal there’s nothing that can compare to wrought iron fencing. While it is pricey, few other materials can match the elegance and timelessness of iron. So no matter what style or function you’re looking to get for your home, you can find a fence in Mountain View, CA that’s right for you.

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Not only are there a great deal of possible applications with a fence in Mountain View, CA, but there are a wide array of building materials as well. You can construct a fence in Mountain View, CA out of wood, composite, wrought iron, PVC, and vinyl, just to name a few. And these materials have a large number of practical applications, as well. Wooden fences for Mountain View, CA homes are a staple in American yards. Be it wooden privacy fences or white picket fences, many homes have enjoyed their wooden fences for years. While cedar has been on the decline for a while, you can still enjoy Douglas Fir and redwood fences on your property. Composite decking is something of a cross between wood and plastic, with the pros of both materials and none of the cons. Wrought iron is the ultimate in fencing materials, but is also the most expensive by far. PVC is one of the more affordable materials that lasts just as long as other fences. Lastly, vinyl fences are becoming more and more popular, as they are a very resistant, and very inexpensive option that comes in a wide array of colors for any home. Whatever your needs, you can find the right type of fence for you.

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Mountain View Fence FAQ

How high can one build a fence in Mountain View, CA?

While pretty much every different region will have their own version of what fencing laws are in place, most regulations for a fence in Mountain View, CA state that the fence should only be between five and eight feet high for backyards, and four to six feet high for front yards. This is to ensure that you have privacy in your yard while not sacrificing any neighbor’s view. Just to be sure, check in with your local “Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions” documentation to find out exactly what goes into building a fence in Mountain View, CA. You’ll be glad you did when you see the finished product.

What’s the difference between the different types of Mountain View fences?

Fences in Mountain View, CA are available in an extensive array of different styles and designs. First off for a cheap method of sectioning off city property, chain-link fences are a great, cost-effective way to separate athletic fields and courts from the general outdoors. No need to break the budget with this quick to install option. Next up primitive, yet effective rock and stone formations can easily mark location boundaries in open, rural fields. You see this a lot in farm rich communities. Next up are semiprivate wooden fences, which are popular in country rich environments. Also equally popular are post-and-rail models, which are great for marking off property lines. If you’re in the market for decorative fencing materials, try lattice panels to spruce up the exterior. They’re perfect for any gardens or landscaping products. The ever-attractive aluminum fences provide a certain elegance and grace that most materials don’t. They retain their good looks and attractive style make these an affordable option to anyone who wants to invest in their home’s exterior. Finally, the all-around reliable privacy fences are a great way to enhance the backyard and make sure noisy neighbors keep out.